Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Making Money Without

The economic uncertainty of the next few years is leaving people to wonder if they will even have a job next year.  With budgets already tight, many families are struggling to keep one job and still have difficulties making ends meet.  The good news is that you can begin to supplement your income this year by taking advantage of online opportunities in blogging, podcasting, and writing for others.  If you’re passionate about something, you can find a way to express yourself in the online world and eventually start to make extra money from it.

Making Money With A Blog

While blogging has great long term potential, don’t expect to make money with a blog right away.  If you’re looking for a way to express your passion while taking advantage of potential income opportunities like Adsense or affiliate products, starting a blog is a great place to begin.  It’s common for bloggers to see small earnings in the first year, but don’t expect to pay for your mortgage right away.  With consistent posting and a commitment to providing good information to your online community, you can start to see a few extra dollars.

Writing For Other Sites

One of the best ways to land a job writing for others is by writing your own blog and getting an invitation to join a staff writing team. You can, however, find legitimate writing jobs online that pay well.  One of the newest resources is the ProBlogger job board, which lists the job requests of companies who are hiring writers.  Topics range from technology to fashion and can pay from $10 an article to $75 and up. 

Create an eBook or Webinar

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CBS <b>News</b> Executives Speak Out on License Fees, Dan Rather at TCA <b>...</b>

CBS News Executives Speak Out on License Fees, Dan Rather at TCA.

CBS <b>News</b> Executives Speak Out on License Fees, Dan Rather at TCA <b>...</b>

Language Log » <b>News</b> Flash: BBC Admits Error

Update #2 — Google News Archive has nothing for AptiQuant, and LexisNexis yields 26 hits, all from 7/29/2011 or later. This is additional evidence that AptiQuant is a hoax, though it doesn't tell us what kind of hoax it ...

Language Log » <b>News</b> Flash: BBC Admits Error

NASCAR - CUP: BREAKING <b>NEWS</b> – Keselowski Hurt

Brad Keselowski was injured today at Road Atlanta…

NASCAR - CUP: BREAKING <b>NEWS</b> – Keselowski Hurt

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