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Appliance Repair in PEWAUKEE, WI by appliancehub

Trying to purchase a new kitchen range can be a difficult task. The main reason for this is because there are so many various choices you are able to choose from, finding your perfect cooking range can be overwhelming. However, if you are looking for a cooking range that will provide you with amazing features as well as user-friendly functions, than I would suggest going with a Frigidaire appliance. Frigidaire has been manufacturing amazing appliances for many years, and throughout this time, they have learned exactly what makes a great appliance. The Frigidaire 30" Drop-In Electric Coil Range, Model: FED355 has all of the basic features that you expect from a great range, as well as several other features that are unique to this appliance.

Main Product Features:

The first feature that makes this cooking range worth your money is the overall functionality this appliance provides consumers. You will be able to easily control all of the various features and functions of this range through the upfront control panel. Unlike traditional cooking ranges, this range has placed its control panel at the front of the range. This will provide you with easier and safer controlling. You will no longer have to reach over boiling pans to adjust the temperature, which will save you from getting burned. If you are shorter than average than you will really appreciate the fact that the control panel is located on the very front of the range.

Another great feature are the various automatic control features. You are able to set this oven for a delay cook start, which is perfect when you have to go to work. Now you can place your dinner in the oven, and delay the cook time to start and then finish right when you get home from work. Now you don't have to cook a meal after a hard day at the office, it will be waiting for you when you get home.

You will also be able to enjoy the Dual Radiant Baking System, which will bake your foods in precise temperatures. This system will allow an even temperature to be controlled throughout the entire oven. There is also a six-pass Broiler within the oven, which will also provide you with an extremely even cooking temperature within the 4.2 cubic foot oven.

With four heating elements on the upper range, you will have the ability to easily cook several dishes at once. The only draw-back to this range that I found was the fact that the upper heating elements are coils instead of a flat-top. While this isn't the greatest surface to cook on, it will cut you costs within this kitchen range.

Product Price:

Consumers can find this kitchen range at any major appliance retailer, and you can expect to pay an average price of $650 for this appliance.

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